Slow Drip Testing Appratus

We take it for granted, use it every day and rarely pay much attention to its composition but water had frustrated me this last month as its a stepping stone to accomplish further testing of my ideas: how do I start….


-Brewing slow cold drip coffee: which tastes good, on its own.

-Method, Device, Water….. not so simple, not that order..

Step 1 is putting together the device I picture in my head and having it built:



I came up with this device to test the various variables I wanted to test such as various gasses under vacuum and pressure, bypass, purging, and the system can operate open or closed. I sized it for a liter and it should cover just about all my testing needs.

And, as luck would have it I fell into contact with a technical glass shop with artisans whom can build just about anything I imagine… and they turned my imagination into this:


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